Sunday, April 01, 2012

YOJ2: Multi-Gemstone Woven Bracelet

This is my project for Week 13 of the Year of Jewelry Project (week 2 for me).  I wanted to play with C-Lon string a little more, so I used the same technique as last week's necklace.  I found an assortment of flat gemstones in my
'lonely bead jar' and used them on a light colored cord.  I used a shell button with a woven loop as a closure for my bracelet.  One thing I figured out right away was that it would be almost impossible to put this bracelet on by myself without something to grab the loop by.  I found a small sun charm that I purchased from Tierra Cast to weigh the loop down and give myself something to hold on to when I put on the bracelet.  It works, well, like a charm!

The stones in this bracelet are all high grade gemstones and include: aquamarine, amethyst, carnelian, citrine, green garnet, moonstone, pearl, peridot, smoky quartz, black spinel, and tourmaline.  This bracelet is fabulous to wear.  It is very comfortable and I barely notice it all (which is especially nice when I am typing on the computer or writing).

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